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Being active in South Carinthia gives you several opportunities.

Wildensteiner Waterfall

Numerous visitors come to the small village Gallizien to view the Wildensteiner waterfall. With a 54 metre free fall drop, the Wildensteiner waterfall is one of the highest waterfalls in Europe. It is not far from the centre of Gallizien, at the foot of the Hochobir. On the small viewing platform, which is about 30 metres from the face of the waterfall, you will find some nice wooden benches to sit and stay for a while.

Walking or trekking the area

For those who like to be more active can hike to the top of the mountain behind our house, the Hochobir.  If you want to do this you have two possibilities: First, you can start directly from our farm, walk to the Wildensteiner waterfall and then scale the mountain from there to the top of the Hochobir approximately 5 hours.  Or the second, more sedate option, will have you travel by car to up to the Eisenkappler Hut, which you should visit anyway due to its excellent kitchen. From there you walk to the top of the mountain which is approximately 1.5 hours.


South Carinthia is a bather’s paradise

Carinthia is well known for its wonderful lakes, all with drinking water quality. Around our farm there are numerous options for having a swim. The Linsendorfer Lake (5 km distance) is located within our village. Further afield, but within a 15 minute drive, you can reach the Klopeiner Lake (12 km), the Sonnegger Lake (12 km), the Turner Lake (10 km), the Gösselsdorfer Lake (15 km)  and the Freibacher Dam (8 km). For sure you can't only swim in our lakes - you can also dive or surf! Families also enjoy the outdoor swimming pool in Bad Eisenkappel. There you will find a childrens’ pool and a water slide which will guarantee hours of water fun for the whole family.

A bicycle track runs through the area

If you enjoy the sights from the seat of a mountain bike, you can’t go wrong in South Carinthia. The bicycle road along the Drau, the main river of Carinthia, runs through our village. The road has a total length of 366 kilometres and will takes the cyclists from Toblach (Osttirol) to Maribor (Slovenia). Explore the South of Carinthia on the bicycle and enjoy the picturesque scenes of our area. The bicycle road along the Drau (R1) is level for the most part, it is only between Völermarkt and Maribor, that there are some gradients to be mastered. The road is suitable for all types of bicycles from city bike, trekking bike or the mountain bike.

Golf between the mountains

The golf course Klopeinersee-Südkärnten offers golfing pleasure on an 18-hole golf course. It is difficult to lose golf balls on their wide open fairways. The golf course once had many more trees but now only a few grand ones are left.  Even the roughs are well maintained, again making it difficult to lose your ball. So even if you have never played golf before, Klopeinersee-Südkärnten would be a great place to try the game for the first time.

The biggest adventure of all

…lies on horseback. In Vellach, a district of Gallizien, you can learn to ride on horses. From the back of some very nice Icelandic ponies anyone can start your lifelong riding adventure. If you are already a rider there is the option of short rides or all day treks through Carinthia’s beautiful landscape.

If you are hungry...

As Johann Wolfgang von Goethe already knew "No treat is temporary, because the impression it leaves is lasting." Carinthia offers you lots of treats - and that ist the reason why our province was "seperated" into different "treat-regions". Gallizien lies on the boundary of the Rose and the Jaun valley. So there are converging divers treat-regions: Jaun valley Salami, Jaun Valley Had'n and Rose valley Carnica honey. More than likely we give you some informations where you can find good restaurants - individual for your liking and adjusted for your wishes. In just 1 km distance from our farm you find a good restaurant.

Carinthia offers you art, culture and lots of events...

After all those sportive activities you can realax while you do something totally different: Carinthia has a lot of art and culture and also some nice events. If you want to have a look what Carinthia offers while you are here, just click here Event Calendar.

However, the South of Carinthia still has to offer a lot more. Just come and find out! You may even be able to introduce us to yet another aspect of Carinthia that we have missed, or not yet heard of. Closer to home we have more things for you to consider. Or if you want you can visit one of the tourism informations: municipal office Gallizien (1 km distance) or at the Klopeiner Lake (12 km distance).