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Our Farm

Our farm is located in a very quiet and scenic place, on the edge of the small rural community Gallizien, which is in the midst of the attractive South Carinthian countryside. The town of Gallizien lies on the boundary of the Rose and the Jaun valleys, in South Carinthia. We are 25 km South of Klagenfurt and about 9 km away from the Klopeinersee. The town area lies between Carinthia’s main river, the Drau, and the Hochobir Mountain, a northern spur of the Karawanken Ranges. The Vellach flows through the town and it is the river that forms the border that separates the Rose valley from the Jaun valley. In the center our village (about 1 km distance) you can also find some infrustructure: a bank, a post office, some shops, a hairdresser and a doctor.

Sometimes winter surprises us also in early spring.

The grass starts to grow again shortly after the hay harvest.

Fall is always very colourful around here.

Winterevening at our farm - short before dusk shows up

Our farm is home to two horses, a dog, two tom cats as well as a few chickens. Every morning our holiday guests may gather their breakfast eggs straight from the nest. We believe a freshly laid egg tastes especially great, whether eaten as a fried egg, scrambled egg, hard or soft-boiled or any other way you can think of.